This is Information about medicines and medical services.

This section is developed specifically for our customers. In it, pharmacies connected to our system will be able to online download their price lists for publication on the site and in the telephone inquiry database.

Search for medicines and pharmacy products in pharmacies with a 24-hour working schedule. Various search options. You can find the necessary drugs and pharmacy products in pharmacies. Update information every 20 minutes. Various search options are available to you. This section allows you to check whether the drug you are buying is rejected, falsified or counterfeit. If you found a series and the name of the drug in this database, return the medicine to the pharmacy.

The information-reference system "Electronic Pharmacy" is the most complete and regularly updated database of medicines and medical products. "Electronic Pharmacy" is a software complex that combines telephone information for clients, an Internet site and all users of the system. The "Electronic Pharmacy" database contains more than 1 350 000 offers of goods and services for more than 470 pharmaceutical and medical organizations.

You have a real opportunity with the help of Internet technologies to become regular users of the program, to receive information from online pharmacy and also to offer your goods and services. Any Internet user has the opportunity to receive the fullest amount of information about the nomenclature and prices of the pharmaceutical market products from an accessible resource around the clock and, at the same time, to work with this information in off-line mode.


- Formation of the own price-list of the organization-user of the system. The price list can contain information about prices, as well as the quantity of goods in the warehouse. It is possible to regularly send your own price list to the "Electronic Pharmacy" system.

- Regular updating of the consolidated price list of offers of pharmaceuticals and medical products and its viewing in the context of the nomenclature of goods or supplier firms. It is possible to filter and sort data by various criteria.

- Forming and sending orders for the purchase of goods at the positions of the consolidated price list.

- Logging of incoming / outgoing orders with the ability to filter and sort the view by various criteria.

- Receiving / sending, importing / exporting electronic invoices.

- Messaging between users.

For the Customer

Having installed the "Electronic Pharmacy" system, you will be able to:

1. Increase the turnover of your organization.
Information from the system database:

- goes to telephone inquiry services for the population.
- hourly updated on the site.

2. Define your pricing policy:
Constant monitoring of prices for medicines and medical products allows you to approach objectively the process of pricing your products, making them more competitive.

3. Increase the amount of free working capital:
The ability to promptly form and send an electronic order for the purchase of medicines allows you to reduce the stock of your organization, and therefore increase the amount of free working capital.

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